Pablo Burgos

Hi. I studied Electrical Engineering at Universidad de Chile. My first program was written for my Atari 65XE (in Basic:) ) when I was 11 (1987). That program was a simple cash register (yeah! similar to classical checking account) with a "menu" (nobody uses that term nowadays :) ) to choose alternatives from, used for fun with my friends while playing “groceries store”. The program was used till the audio cassette employed for storage last (some months). Even a friend requested a “copy” of the software to run it into his Atari 800XL. I was really proud of it at that time. (Btw a copy was done using “double cassette” radio).

Nowadays I’m still marveled by computers, impressed of everyday forward steps both in Hardware and Software. Nobody can tell you where we are heading to... but that's what makes it special...isn't it?. Anyway this is not the only thing I do. I play tennis regularly and I like to ride my motorcycle (BMW F650GS) to commute around the city.

I’m a loving husband, father of two children (Catalina and Mateo).

You can follow me on twitter pablo__burgos