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How to move cursor in a specific column
Accepted answer
11 votes

If you want to do it from the normal mode, just type: 15|. If you want to move to 15th column in 25th, type 25G15|. If you want to do it as a command you can type: :call cursor(25,15) but I think it ...

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How can I use --servername and --remote in neovim?
10 votes

As far as I know vim has this feature because the GUI vim (gvim) uses the graphical X server. I am aware that non GUI Vim can also use the --servername argument but only when X11 is running and also ...

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Use netrw to change my bash working directory?
Accepted answer
4 votes

No it isn't possible. Vim will be the child of your bash process. A child can't change the current directory of its parent (except by doing tricky and very discouraged things: https://stackoverflow....

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vim doesn't print the header in hardcopy
Accepted answer
2 votes

I tried with your very own settings and I encountered no issue. If I understand the help correctly, by default Vim will use A4 as the medium size; maybe your output gets on a smaller medium size than ...

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Autocorrecting final sigma
1 votes

Since a final sigma is quickly followed with a space even if a punctuation marks immediately followf it (except for the end-of-line case), you could do this: define the folowwing function (in your ~/....

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