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How can I suppress the "reading from STDIN" message from within Vim?
12 votes

The answer to your exact question: Can I suppress that using only Vim options and/or vimrc settings? is: no, it's not possible because of the following part of the code if (read_stdin) { #...

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Language-Specific Configuration: ColorColumn
Accepted answer
7 votes

the standard way to do this is to create autocommands groups: augroup python au! " clear augroup when reloading vimrc autocmd FileType python set colorcolumn=80 augroup END augroup cc au!...

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Can vimdiff show large files beyond screenful limits at once?
1 votes

it might work using: :set lines=1000 columns=100 where your line number is your scrollback limit. Otherwise, you can "cheat" using screen, setting it to a way higher height than vim's default. I'm ...

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Is there a vimscript function to wrap text
0 votes

I have wrote something a bit alike for indenting with options my mail texts (with a justify option). It's called yaposting: whithin it there's a mail format ...

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