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Jason R Stevens CFA
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I'm the cofounder of Tincre where I function as our lead developer/engineer. Succinctly, I'm the composer of the Tincre symphony. Check us out:

I sometimes work on valuation research through my registered investment adviser, Recondite Capital, a Registered Investment Adviser in Chicago, IL, where I attempt to understand the value drivers behind risk premia using quantitative asset pricing.

Tincre is a symphony I'm writing with my best friend, Phil.

We bootstrapped and have experts from institutional asset management lightly backing our mission.

But we get to build awesome creator-empowerment apps for delivery of that vision through our subsidiary brand software lineup.

Wait, algos, shiny things, and grueling engineering? Yep, that's Tincre -- and we're always hiring level 💯 humans!

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