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I'm the cofounder of Musicfox where I function as our lead developer/engineer. Succinctly, I'm the composer of the Musicfox symphony. Check out our latest release, enter link description here

I sometimes work on valuation research through my registered investment adviser, Recondite Capital, a Registered Investment Adviser in Chicago, IL, where I attempt to understand the value drivers behind risk premia using quantitative asset pricing.

Musicfox is a symphony I'm writing with my best friend, Phil. We bootstrapped and have experts from institutional asset management financially backing our mission. We're helping fund the millions of creators unable to access traditional capital and financial markets. By valuing and packaging assets throughout the music and entertainment industries via our double-sided, automated risk premia exchange, we're paving the future of creative finance.

But we get to build awesome creator-empowerment apps for delivery of that vision through our B00ST software lineup.

Wait, algos, shiny things, and grueling engineering? Yep, that's Musicfox -- and we're hiring!

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