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How can I use Readline shortcuts in the vim command line?
5 votes

Is there a plugin or setting which provides this? There is also readline.vim. It is a newer plug-in which focuses purely on the command-line. It also implements a larger subset of the Readline ...

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Tag navigation using CTRL+] does not work with Non English keyboard on Windows
2 votes

I just found out why I had this problem. The cause of the problem The problem is that I used a Non-English keyboard layout on my Windows 7 computer. The backslash character is entered using Alt Gr+...

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How to search forward for pattern in the current line? Like `/` and `?` but stop at end of line
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Using the search() tip from VanLaser I created these functions: " Repeat in the opposite direction if `reverse` is true function! RepeatLineSearch(reverse) if a:reverse == s:search_backward ...

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