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Can I open a file in an existing Vim instance from an external command?
7 votes

While @craigp's answer is correct, I found it most convenient to simply add --remote-silent without worrying about server names,(this assumes you don't want to address named vim instances). This will ...

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Displaying tabs as characters
5 votes

You may want to show tabs differently in a regular terminal and gvim. set list! if has('gui_running') set listchars=tab:▶\ ,trail:·,extends:\#,nbsp:. else set listchars=tab:>.,trail:.,...

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How to prevent indent, unindent (>>, <<) from re-aligning text?
2 votes

This is caused by having set shiftround Set in the .vimrc

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Good vimrc settings for commit messages?
1 votes

Posting own answer, in case others find it useful. function MyFTypeGitCommit() " Check spelling. setlocal spell " Make bad spelling very obvious! (personal preference). :hi SpellBad ctermbg=...

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