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I'm an Italian vagabond now established in Switzerland since 2006, I'm a knowledge devourer a proud father, a happy husband, a funny and honest friend.

In my (never) free time, I love DMing some RPGs, cooking, playing guitar, studying computer science, doing sport and never sleeping.

I'm a **GNU/**Linux PC.

I am/was working as

  • DevOps Engineer (OpenShift, Puppet, automation).
  • Unix specialist with strong knowledge in Open Source solutions.
  • System Integrator and Application Solution Analyst.
  • Unix and Network administrator.
  • Java and Unix System Performance Analyst.

My tech specialties

  • Unix & Linux system administration and automation (puppet, ansible).
  • OpenShift cluster installation and administration.
  • Development in Unix shell, Ruby, C, Perl, PHP, HTML, javascript and java.
  • Architectural thinking (What, Why, Whereby, Where, Who, How).
  • J2EE architecture design, integration and administration.
  • Identity Management, LDAP (SunOne, IBM).
  • Functional testing (Rational, Watir and Selenium).
  • Strong problem-solving skills.
  • Some Network and Firewall administration experience.
  • Ability to integrate computing systems with the business aspects of the company
  • Proven mentoring, couching and leading experiences.
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