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Arseni Mourzenko
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Developer, architect, project manager, tester, and active DevOps supporter, I'm studying, observing and advising companies which have an important risk to fail their IT-related projects. I specialize in quality and productivity.

After six years of freelancing, I worked for several companies, including Tata Con­sul­tan­cy Ser­vices. Today, I'm a happy member of Finaxys. I most­ly work with Lin­ux, Python, and Node.js, as well as the Mi­crosoft stack.

Outside information technology, I'm interested by photography.

I'm mostly active on SE.SE, and also maintain my blog.

If you want to contact me, my email is [email protected]. Feel free to drop me a note about any de­vel­op­ment-re­lat­ed dis­cus­sions. If you live in Paris or want to vis­it Paris, you're very wel­come to con­tact me too.

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