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How do I center the current line in the screen?
Accepted answer
48 votes

The z. and zz commands will recenter the line the cursor is on. z. also moves the cursor to the first non-whitespace character in the line, while zz keeps the cursor where it is. There are similar ...

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How do I visually select the block of text I just pasted in Vim?
Accepted answer
24 votes

The '[ and '] marks delimit the first and last line of the previously changed or yanked text. The `[ and `] counterparts delimit the respective lines & columns. Using that, you could visually ...

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Why can ci" be outside of quoted area and ci( only works inside parentheses?
10 votes

The quote family of text objects (i', i", a', and a") are different than the rest of the text objects in that they only look at the current line. Due to this, the choice was made not to require the ...

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