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How to share config between vim and Neovim
115 votes

TL;DR You can use your existing ~/.vimrc, files, and plugins located within ~/.vim without having to symlink the files. And this is now documented in NeoVim manual, see Transitioning from Vim. For ...

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Pasting emojis 🦄 in Vim or Neovim
Accepted answer
3 votes

It was totally an issue with iTerm2 and not mapping ⌘ + v to ^[v within the iTerm2 settings.

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Persistent conceal settings through Vim / Neovim restarts
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Another week, another Saturday night 🥃. I added the below line to the above posted sessions.vim file, and now custom code folds, and conceal levels are being persisted through Vim / Neovim restarts. ...

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No folding of markdown files
0 votes

TL;DR You're more than welcome to steal snippets from my 🦇 bat belt if you'd like 👍 So I came across this same scenario a couple of days ago, and ended up watching this 👉 📺 Which lead me to ...

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