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A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

Questions about the javascript file type
43 questions
Questions about the json file type
12 questions
0 questions
Questions about the lisp file type.
4 questions
For questions about configuring and using Vi/Vim to edit markdown files.
116 questions
Questions about the mathjax file type
2 questions
Questions about nix file used in NixOS.
1 question
Questions about the perl file type.
8 questions
Questions about the php file type.
27 questions
Configuring and using vi/vim to edit python code. For scripting vim using python, use the /vimscript-python tag.
94 questions
Question about the ruby file type.
25 questions
Question about the rust filetype and the rust support in Vim
2 questions
Questions abou the scss file type.
6 questions
Questions about the sh file type
7 questions
Questions about editing Tex documents, either with or without a frontend such a LaTeX.
207 questions
Questions about the typescript file type.
12 questions
Questions about the xml file type.
27 questions
Questions about the yaml file type.
9 questions
For questions about external filters (:range!). Not for questions about the vimscript function filter (use vimscript) or the command :filter (use ex-command or vimscript)
19 questions
44 questions
A feature which lets visually hide (and toggle) regions of a text file, by replacing its contents with a single outline line.
240 questions
2 questions
71 questions
Questions about how to format a file with vim - this includes, but is not limited to, foldings, indents, wrappings, and so on.
200 questions
Questions about the creation, usage and debugging of ftplugins.
1 question
Question about the use of functions in Vimscript defined in the `.vimrc` or a script file.
285 questions
36 questions
Questions about the integration of the Git revision control system in Vim or about the synchronisation of Vim files via Git repositories.
87 questions
0 questions
Questions about the usage of the global command `:g` which executes an Ex command (default ":p") on the lines within a range a where a pattern matches.
86 questions
4 questions
1 2 3