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Vim can output the number of each line on the left side of the screen. Questions about customizing this behavior.
61 questions
Question about using Unicode character set, how to insert them, how to display them and general use of the UTF8 encoding.
60 questions
Questions about the installation procedure of Vim and potential errors encountered in the process.
59 questions
Question about how Vim handles non printable characters.
59 questions
Activity that occurs after invocation but before the first document is displayed
59 questions
Questions about the plugin vim-latex which provides enhanced LaTeX support for Vim.
59 questions
Questions about the usage of the global command `:g` which executes an Ex command (default ":p") on the lines within a range a where a pattern matches.
56 questions
Question about how to handle white spaces tab characters with vim, insert them, remove them, convert them to space characters, etc...
55 questions
The 'conceal' feature allows to hide or replace some part of a buffer thanks to Vim's syntax highlighting mechanism.
52 questions
Breaking of lines on the display or in the file.
50 questions
49 questions
Questions about using vim into a tmux session and how to customize integration.
48 questions
For questions about vim's sessions feature, which persist an editing session to disk for recovery later.
47 questions
Vim can handle abbreviations to replace some text by some other text. Question about creating these abbreviations and how to make them work.
47 questions
Vim stores changes made to a buffer on disk to a swap file, so that any unsaved changes can be recovered in case of a crash.
44 questions
the organization of content elements by tokens/symbols and/or by column or line locations.
44 questions
Questions about the different options that vim can take from the shell and the different commands to start the editor.
43 questions
Questions where working on more than one line is a relevant aspect. In most cases that means repeating the same command(s) over several lines. – Related: the [repeated-commands] tag
41 questions
41 questions
for questions specific to using Vim on the Ubuntu flavor of linux.
40 questions
40 questions
40 questions
Questions about the use of a mouse with Vi or Vim.
39 questions
Questions having to do with the range modifier in ex (command-line) commands.
38 questions
File encoding(s) such as ASCII, ISO-8859, UTF-8, etc.
37 questions
Automatically check for syntax or formatting errors.
37 questions
Git wrapper for Vim.
37 questions
Questions about the use of Vim as an integrated development environment for programming
37 questions
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