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A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

If you exit `vim` and later start it again, you would normally lose a lot of information. The `viminfo` file can be used to remember that information, which enables you to continue where you left off…
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Vim reads initialization commands from a file called vimrc on startup. This can be used to set settings, define functions, execute autocommands, and more.
A scripting language embedded into Vim. It can be used to customize Vim to suit your needs and to create plugins. Also called VimL.
Lua programming interface to Vim. DO NOT use for questions with Lua examples or about syntax highlighting in Lua.
51 questions
For questions about The Python interface to Vim; DO NOT use for questions with Python examples or about syntax highlighting in Python.
104 questions
A Vim window is a view of a buffer. A tab page comprises one or more windows. For questions about interaction with the Microsoft operating system, use [microsoft-windows]. For questions about interact…
317 questions
Questions about the usage of the option `'virtualedit'`. Virtual editing means that the cursor can be positioned where there is no actual character. This can be halfway into a tab or beyond the e…
4 questions
Visual block mode enables users to copy and paste rectangular text. This mode is useful whenever a particular text is pasted to be pasted in every part of a rectangular text.
109 questions
Visual mode is a flexible and easy way to select a piece of text for an operator.
305 questions
1 question
Questions reporting to the Eclipse vrapper plugin that emulates Vim in Eclipse
3 questions
Questions about VS Code, in particular the Vim and NeoVim extensions for VS Code
28 questions
Question about how Vim handles non printable characters.
87 questions
Questions about interaction with the desktop windowing environment. For questions about windows for viewing buffers within Vim, use [vim-windows].
37 questions
2 questions
Questions about editing prose (sentences and paragraphs)
20 questions
8 questions
Vim is able to wrap lines when they are longer than the width of the window or than a user-defined width. Questions about how to customize this behavior.
103 questions
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WSL is the Windows Subsystem for Linux; a compatibility layer which allows running Linux binaries in Microsoft Windows
18 questions
5 questions
The X Window System (often just called X11) provides graphics on Unix-like systems.
18 questions
`xxd` is an external program that ships with Vim for converting text files and binary files.
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