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A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

9 questions
For questions about scrolling, and configuring the behavior of vim-scrolls
108 questions
For questions about searching for text with / or search(). For find/replace operations, use tag [substitute] instead.
489 questions
For questions about staying secure while using vim
17 questions
6 questions
For questions about vim's sessions feature, which persist an editing session to disk for recovery later.
65 questions
35 questions
3 questions
Question about the functionality that let Vim interact with shell command typically triggered Cia the :! command.
96 questions
Allow placement of a 'sign' in the left-hand side of the window and definition of a highlight which will be applied to that line.
17 questions
Silent mode is only when started Vim as "ex" or when the "-e" option was given before the "-s" option.
5 questions
2 questions
Questions about the usage of snippets within Vim.
68 questions
1 question
8 questions
Vim command for sorting a set of lines.
39 questions
SpaceVim is a community-driven vim distribution
27 questions
A feature that identifies and highlights misspelled words, and lets you choose among possible correct replacements.
148 questions
Questions about splitting current window into multiple viewports.
201 questions
29 questions
st is a "simple terminal" from Use this for questions specific to running Vim in st.
6 questions
Activity that occurs after invocation but before the first document is displayed
78 questions
A status line will be used to separate windows. Questions about how to format and change the content of this status line.
155 questions
Any operation involving regular expression based substitution of text, such as the ex-mode `:s` command. Not to be confused with the [replace] tag.
350 questions
8 questions
Vim stores changes made to a buffer on disk to a swap file, so that any unsaved changes can be recovered in case of a crash.
57 questions
40 questions
Syntax highlighting is the use of colours, size, typeface, or other attributes to visually indicate it has a special meaning and therefore make it easier to understand the text. For example, marking l…
A tab page holds one or more windows. Questions about how to use and customize the behavior of Vim tabs.
111 questions
Question about how to handle white spaces tab characters with vim, insert them, remove them, convert them to space characters, etc...
68 questions