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6 votes

Install Vim with +clipboard support but without Gvim?

Building Vim from the source with the right flags is the general solution. git clone cd vim/src ./configure --with-x=yes --disable-gui The last command will probably ...
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5 votes

Scroll the screen, not the cursor, when using scrollwheel

I know this is a few years late, but you can use nmap <Down> <C-e> nmap <Up> <C-y> This worked for me.
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4 votes

How to safely switch from vim-athena to vim-gtk?

You don't have to uninstall any of the existing packages. The vim-{athena,gtk,gtk3,nox} etc. packages just provide the Vim binary built with different feature sets and linked against different GUI ...
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4 votes

Install Vim with +clipboard support but without Gvim?

If you don't mind having gvim installed you can run gvim in commandline mode with gvim -v. Then you should have a version of commandline vim able to access the keyboard. Also if gvim is invoked as vim ...
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2 votes

How can I make gvim keyboard language-agnostic in command mode?

One option is to use the plugins or, which switch the input method in vim's input mode using xkbswitch.
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1 vote

How do the * and + registrers behave in the virtual console?

Even though it doesn't show in the output of :display, when you use the plus or star registers in TTS (i.e., a mode without clipboard feature), it stores the content in the 0 register. The code is in ...
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1 vote

Disable Shift+Insert from pasting from Primary

I found a solution which relies on Vim's +clientserver capability. It just took a small addition to a script I already used. The final result is this #!/bin/sh if [ -z "$(vim --...
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