When opening a file w/o the last newline, Neovim (just as Vim) prints the message with the text "[noeol]" (or "[Incomplete last line]" depending on &shm option) included. Also, you can query it anytime with the command :set eol? Another point is that Vim/Neovim will fix the missing newline upon file write automatically, if &fixeol is on (the default)...


The precedes suboption of the listchars option, is used to indicate, if the line has some content before the first visible character. It has nothing to do with showing preceding spaces or such. If you want to highlight spaces in addition, you can add the spaces key to the listchars option. However, this will mark all spaces in the current window, which ...


I don't know if it's possible to show it at the end of the line in question, but an alternative if you use a status line is to show that information in the status line. For example, :se statusline=%{&eol?'':'[noeol]'} will show [noeol] on the status line for the window showing the buffer with the "endless" line.


I believe this is caused by an option in the python highlighting used by your vim-polyglot plugin. You can disable this by setting the following variable in your vimrc: let g:python_highlight_space_errors = 0

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