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chge is an abbreviation of "change." If you do not like this word, just type zw to mark it as "wrong." vim's spell word lists are obtained from free sources and are sometimes not ideal. Fortunately, local custom word lists can be maintained with zw and zg (wrong and good respectively).


Use a :terminal: " in ~/.vim/after/ftplugin/python.vim nnoremap <buffer> <CR> :write <bar> terminal python3 %<CR> " update b:undo_ftplugin When the command is finished, you can :set modifiable (:set ma) and edit.


Going deeper with vim's "pattern": (content below mainly comes from neovim' s help ) Character classes The character range matches a fixed set of characters. A character class is similar, but the set of characters can be redefined without changing the search pattern. For example, search for this pattern: /\f\+ The "\f" item stands ...


See :h 'viewdir' and :set viewdir? This is the same option for both Vim and Neovim, but Neovim has different default settings.


You may run autocmd FileType python map <buffer> <CR> :w<CR>:call Exec('!python3 '.expand('%'))<CR> And use: function! Exec(cmd) redir @x exec printf('silent %s',a:cmd) redir END tabnew norm "xp endfunction It writes the output of a command in a new tab.

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