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9 votes

What is 'dnd' or 'DnD'?

It stands for "drag'n'drop". See :help quote_~: The read-only "~ register stores the dropped text from the last drag'n'drop operation. When something has been dropped onto Vim, the &...
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7 votes

When was getcharstr() introduced? And how could I have found the answer my self from :help?

This was patch v8.2.2957, which can be found by examining a full clone of and any of # message search; fast enough I didn't need any of the other limiting options git log -1 --grep ...
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6 votes

Vim 6.4 broke after adding plugin file to runtimepath

I am sorry, but you won't get happy with your ancient Vim 6.4 and plugins. Most of the scripting functionality have been added with the Vim 7 version and beyond. The old 6 version did only have very ...
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6 votes

Gundo plugin requires python 2.4 when version 2.7 is installed

Add this to your .vimrc if has('python3') let g:gundo_prefer_python3 = 1 endif I was getting similar error. The above worked for me (I am using Manjaro Linux, and installed community/python-...
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5 votes

How can I automate checking for new Vim releases on Windows?

It seems that chocolatey could be the solution to your problem. It is a package manager for Windows. (With the ambition of being "sort of apt-get for Windows") If you are ready to use it to ...
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5 votes

How do I tell if Vi or Vim is installed on my Linux distribution?

Quick command to tell if it's vi or vim vi -h this will display the help info in my case : $ vi -h VIM - Vi IMproved 7.4 (2013 Aug 10, compiled Aug 7 2016 16:03:11) [... skip other info ...] So ...
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4 votes

How can I get more features?

If you want more features (and something more up to date than whats in the apt packages), you have to compile it yourself. You say you are on Debian, and all these should work on that platform. You ...
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3 votes

Why is the version of Vim displayed by 'apt' different from the one displayed in Vim?

As described in /usr/share/doc/vim/NEWS.Debian.gz, the Debian packages have switched to building against Python3 for Stretch. If you upgraded a system to Stretch and didn't see this message, then I ...
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2 votes

Unknown function: strptime on Linux Mint

As it turned out, I was running an older version of Vim. Updating using the following "three-liners" solved the problem. sudo add-apt-repository ppa:jonathonf/vim sudo apt update sudo apt ...
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2 votes

Suddenly running :colorscheme breaks lightline

I suspect and related Basically, before the patch it was impossible to put vim into full "default colors mode" as ...
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2 votes

Version conflict between vi and vim

You don't need to use original vi program, just add following alias to your bashrc. alias vi='vim -u NONE'
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1 vote

How can I check whether the user has defined a highlight group before Vim 8.2.3917

So Vim Patch 8.2.3578 added the ability to get and set the various attributes for highlighting groups in a more efficient manner. This is strictly speaking not required to check whether or not a ...
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