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IDE-like inline diff highlighting in Vim

You can do this with the vim-gitgutter plugin. If you're not using git, then Signify has a similar feature. After installing vim-gitgutter, you can switch the highlighting on and off with the ...
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visualize Vim undo history

EDIT: this is only an alternative, not a relevant answer. You're looking for vim undotree. It shows the full history tree, and diffs with the current version.
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visualize Vim undo history

Convert the undo history into a Git repo using Rich's UndoCommits function, then use something like gitk to visualize that Git repo's diffs. Gource would only be useful if each commit UnoCommits ...
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Adjust syntax highlighting of git/mercurial patch within a popup

Removing the syntax highlighting is easy. You're getting it because you're setting the 'filetype' of the buffer to git, which is loading those syntax definitions and applying them to the buffer you're ...
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