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How do I cleanly set highlight colors based on the number of terminal colors?

Some cosmetic improvements are easily made ... Use :execute with a ternary execute 'highlight Comment ctermfg=' .. (&t_Co > 8 ? 'DarkGrey' : 'Grey') This is only one line with the color names ...
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Neovim displays with different colors, compared to Vim. Why?

New default color scheme. It has different (I'd argue, better) definitions and links of built-in groups. Adding colorscheme vim or source $VIMRUNTIME/colors/vim.lua restores previous defaults. Option '...
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Neovim 0.10 syntax highlight is completely broken

Neovim 0.10 has introduced a new default colorscheme. If you want to get back your old colors you have to add to your init.vim the following line: colorscheme vim set notermguicolors There are more ...
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How do I syntax highlight this comment as if it were Python?

" after/syntax/sage.vim runtime! syntax/python.vim unlet b:current_syntax syntax include @Python syntax/python.vim syn region sageDoctestValue contained \ start=/^ *\(sage\|\.\.\.\.\): /...
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Vim not setting t_Co after iTerm2 update

This is an attempt to help you solve your problem, not an attempt to solve it. I don't think this place is the right place for this. So… I use with xterm-256color as $TERM, where Vim ...
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