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Another approach is something like this: /MAY Enter cgn JUNE Esc Then use n to go forward, or N to go back, and . to replace.


Vimwiki also allows you to list all the tags together, with a single : separating multiple tags, such as in: :Word:Compund_Word:Other_Tag: To accomplish this replacement, you can use a :s command that will replace a sequence of whitespace with a single :, and additionally match the beginning and end of the line to insert an extra : on each end. You can ...


While on the line in question: :s/\w\+/:&:/g Breakdown \w\+ will match 1 or more word characters ([0-9A-Za-z_]). & has a special meaning in a replacement, depending on the value of 'magic' (default: on). It is replaced with the matched pattern. the g flag will perform this substitution for every occurrence on the line, not just the first. Non-...

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