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If your goal is to automate paragraph join I would approach it with the help of :global and :normal commands: :g/^\S/normal! vipJ That will convert whole buffer like He was aware there were numerous wonders of this world including the unexplained creations of humankind that showed the wonder of our ingenuity. There are huge heads on Easter Island. There are ...


You can use repeat function with replace expression: %s/\n\_s*$/\=repeat("\r", 10) Check :h sub-replace-expression and :h repeat() for details.


Meta This question is long (4 questions), and we normally prefer to keep questions to 1 question per question. The 4th is also opinion-based enough to be off-topic. However, the questions are related enough and I have enough to say that I'm going to (try to) write an answer. Your questions first: Does this mean that at this point in time, argo and bufdo ...

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