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You seem to be pressing Ctrl, W and | all together. That is incorrect. You should do Ctrl-W, release both Ctrl and W, and only then hit |. I was really surprised to see that pressing Ctrl-W-= all together worked on the other hand.


Writing a compiler plugin allows you to supplement the :make command to run any tool you want, and parse the output into the quickfix window. In your case, I would so something like the following: " ~/.vim/compiler/shellcheck.vim if exists('current_compiler') finish endif let current_compiler = 'shellcheck' if exists(':CompilerSet') != 2 command -...


Sounds like you want to use the quickfix window. I only had moderate success with it in python, but it was all configured by a plugin. I also tried a bit with latex files. I never tried to set up vim for bash, so I don't know any plugin.


Wrote function that satisfied my needs. It checks total screen width and sets width, position and show-on-start of panels depending on result. " Adjust side panels to screen resolution and ratio. func AdaptToScreenRatio() let screen_width = &columns " full screen size let main_window_width = 82 + &foldcolumn " desired main window ...

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