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How to open files in vertical splits by default?

Since using :vsplit is easy enough, I don't see the point to interfere within vim configurations. Other suggestions in the answers in this page are just as easy. So, for the main point, I'd suggest to ...
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Join two buffers into a single buffer

Thanks to the other answers, was able to find a set of commands that does what I'm looking for: Assume have the vertical split and focus in the left split. :wincmd l // move to right window gg ...
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Join two buffers into a single buffer

I would: disable Vim's "mouse" handling, select the relevant text with my "mouse", copy it with my terminal/system "copy" feature, open a new buffer in Vim, put the ...
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Join two buffers into a single buffer

I would do: :let &tw=&winwindth -1 set the text width to match the window width ggVG select all gq reformat introducing hard breaks :wincmd w switch to the other window :let &tw=&...
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