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redraw problem after returning from external command

This is by design. The :help :! (a closely related command) offers this: Vim redraws the screen after the command is finished, because it may have printed any text. This requires a ...
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4 votes

Why substitute doesn't work in silent mode?

What happens here is, that the bufdo and argdo command iterate over all buffers themselves. However without writing your changes, vim will refuse to load the next buffer, unless the 'hidden' option is ...
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2 votes

Silently run two commands mapped by nnoremap in vim

I don't know if your end goal is to be able to chain any shell commands or not... nnoremap <silent> sp :silent r! date "+\%T"<CR>:silent !echo $PWD/'%' > /dev/null<CR>:...
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How to run vim from command line and prevent press ENTER or type command to continue

Providing the argument "+silent /${SEARCHTERM}" to vim was my solution. This should be equivalent to running the :/ search using :silent / which does the trick. No need to change how vim normally ...
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