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Unable to :set printoptions for :hardcopy command

The other answers do a great job of explaining how to accomplish your goal. I'll play the unpopular part and explain your error. Let's split your line into two parts and take a look at them ...
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Unable to :set printoptions for :hardcopy command

Try this and see what happens: set printoptions=left:2pc,right:2pc,top:2pc,bottom:2pc,header:0,paper:A5 I just tried it and it worked here. Vim 9.1, patches through 408, compiled by me
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Unable to :set printoptions for :hardcopy command

I would do: set printoptions=left:2pc,right:2pc,top:2pc,bottom:2pc,header:0,paper:A5 The set command needs: an equal sign (=) and no space ( ) in the argument. Or the variable alternatives: let &...
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