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The top window is called the preview window. So any of <c-w>z, <c-w><c-z> or :pc[lose][!] should work. The below is the help for :help :pclose CTRL-W z CTRL-W_z CTRL-W CTRL-Z CTRL-W_CTRL-Z :pc :pclose :pc[lose][!] Close any "Preview" window currently open. When the 'hidden' option is set, or when the buffer ...


For my specific case, the preview window was opened by plugins. So, I used plugin configuration to automatically close these windows. Supertab As suggested by Alex Kroll: let g:SuperTabClosePreviewOnPopupClose = 1 YouCompleteMe let g:ycm_autoclose_preview_window_after_insertion = 1 let g:ycm_autoclose_preview_window_after_completion = 1 If the second ...


:saveas does write to files, after all the help says: "Save the current buffer under the name {file}". Note also how it says that ! is needed to overwrite an existing file. You wouldn't need to talk about overwriting if writing wasn't involved. Also, note the message from a successful saveas command: "bar" [New] 364L, 1060C written


Your function returns nothing, but you call it expecting the buffer number. This should work: function! ScratchBuffer() vnew setlocal nobuflisted buftype=nofile bufhidden=wipe noswapfile return bufnr('%') endfunction


It's called "preview window" and you can read all about it in :help preview-window. The 'previewheight' option should be what you are looking for.


Another option that automatically closes the preview window and that should work with multiple completion plugins was suggested by deoplete's author in an issue: autocmd InsertLeave,CompleteDone * if pumvisible() == 0 | pclose | endif The downside is that you won't be able to focus the scratch window, so no scrolling. But for quick lookups it's the most ...


another nice option, which is relevant also in other cases, is using :only to close all other windows, including the preview: :on[ly][!] :{count}on[ly][!] CTRL-W o *CTRL-W_o* *E445* CTRL-W CTRL-O *CTRL-W_CTRL-O* *:on* *:only* Make the current window the only one on the screen. All other windows are closed. ...


You can create a buffer like this with the 'buftype' option: :set buftype=nofile As :help 'buftype' explains: The value of this option specifies the type of a buffer: <empty> normal buffer nofile buffer which is not related to a file and will not be written See :help special-buffers for more background on this and ...


After seven hours of fiddling with the documentation and searching, I was able to write a function that takes a filetype, an array of strings and show a dummy buffer based on that. function! showInPreview(name, fileType, lines) let l:command = "silent! pedit! +setlocal\\ " . \ "buftype=nofile\\ nobuflisted\\ " . \ "...


In this case i would :new :setlocal buftype=nofile :setlocal bufhidden=hide :setlocal noswapfile buftype=nofile does not associate the buffer with a file. noswapfile does not create a swapfile. bufhidden=hide hides the buffer, when its windows is closed. Vim discards the content in the buffer on exit without warning. If you like to clear it before, you ...


:saveas is not going to work in a scratch buffer. A scratch buffer is a temporary buffer, that is not associated with a file and therefore cannot be saved. Instead they are discarded without warning, when vim is exited. If you would like to know more: :h special-buffers :h buftype

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