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Auto-read .egg zip archive

As documented at :help zip-extension, you may use the following augroup zip_add au! au BufReadCmd *.egg call zip#Browse(expand("<amatch>")) augroup END
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Archive files opened with Vim are unreadable, even with zip plugins installed

This was caused by my umask setting in my ~/.bashrc. It was set to 133: $ umask 0133 I set it to 033 and it fixed the issue: $ umask 033 $ umask 0033 $ vim " zip.vim version v27 " ...
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How do I add a text file to a pre-existing zip

The zip plugin documented at :help zip does not provide a way to modify zip files, only view and extract the contents.
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How do I configure vim to unzip files with 7zip?

zipPlugin shipped with Vim is poorly customizable. All command-line flags are hardcoded and cannot be changed. So there won't be any nice solution. Except maybe patching plugin's source code, or ...
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