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3 votes

neovim takes a long time to open files

I did a search on GitHub and Google. From the results, it's pretty reasonable to assume that that function is from vim-css-color, which isn't in vim-polyglot. In fact it looks like it was removed in ...
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2 votes

Tab size fixed to 8 in spite of polyglot.

vim-polyglot is mainly a collection of different filetype and syntax specific plugins. However, setting the tab size is usually a user setting, that should not be set by any filetype plugin. So if you ...
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2 votes

Adding another language files if I already have `vim-polyglot`

Vim's ftplugin (also syntax etc.) uses :runtime! to load 2nd level plugins which means all found files will be sourced. Also normally ftplugin plugins include the standard guard at the top of file " ...
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1 vote

sheerun/vim-polyglot ruby seems cause enormous slow down, how to fix or better plugin to use?

It seems that if ruby path is not set correctly during vim compilation, it slows down vim when editing ruby files, check this post. Also, using old regex engine (set re=1) rather than the new one ...
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