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Inside my vimrc I have a line that loads my plugins like this source ~/.vim/rc/bundles.vim Then inside my bundles.vim I do the following: call plug#begin('~/.vim/bundle') Plug 'foo/vim-someplugin' source ~/.vim/rc/plugins/someplugin.vim call plug#end() if you don't want to use hard coded paths I recommend something like this execute 'source' ...


I cleaned out the installation and pulled the zip of vim-plug and extracted it into the autoload folder in vim82. Before I used the powershell solution. After that I made a custom plugin folder and gave it read/write permission. Now it seems to work. Unsure what the issue was but these ae the things that I changed. Also I should have mentioned that I am ...


:PluginInstall is the install command for Vundle. If it does not work Vundle is not installed correctly. Installation Instructions

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