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Pandoc and formatting

Markdown has a concept of a "paragraph" different from that of MS Word. In MS Word, all text wrapping is "soft wrapped"—that is, you keep typing text without pressing "Enter" (or "Return") until you ...
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Generating automated bullets and numbered lists with markdown

Just discovered the "bullets" plugin. Seems to do the job perfectly:
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Generating automated bullets and numbered lists with markdown

There is an inbuilt feature in vim, write this 1) use yy5p to paste 5 (or use any number) lines of number 1) 1) 1) 1) 1) 1) 1) Now select from the second to the last line and press g then Ctrl+A. ...
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How to move to Markdown ATX-style headers?

The linked plugin gives the following regexs (modified to only include #-relevant parts): ^\s*#\a.*\n ^\s*#\{2,6}.*\n The first requires an alphabetic character (/\a) after the #; the second does not ...
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Vim Pandoc & Headers

If you read vim-pandoc's help (:h pandoc.txt) you will see, in the section called *vim-pandoc-keyboard-module*, this line: <localleader>#* apply header (accepts a count) [n] Notice the [n] ...
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execute 'Goyo' on loading pandoc document

Thanks to D. Ben Knoble above. Moving the file from ~/.config/nvim/ftplugins/pandoc.vim to ~/.config/nvim/after/ftplugins/pandoc.vim made it work. Not that it explains why it didn't work before.
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Vim pandoc red background

Another options is to add my langage with : :set spelllang=fr then add unrecognized words with zg
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Vim pandoc red background

You can disable spell checking with: :set nospell
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