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At the time this question was posted in 2016, this was a bug in UltiSnips. This issue was also reported on github here, and it has since been fixed in 2017. (There was a separate, but related issue: neovim would freeze when a function key is pressed. In that issue, the solution was to update pynvim.)


As mentioned in the comments, this is a known bug with UltiSnips:


I got it to work: global !p def mycontext(char): x = vim.current.window.buffer y = vim.current.window.cursor[0] z = vim.current.window.cursor[1] try: return x[y-1][z-1] + x[y-1][z] != char except: return True endglobal context "mycontext('()')" snippet ( &...


You have to use the i option. This is in the help page: i In-word expansion - By default a snippet is expanded only if the tab trigger is the first word on the line or is preceded by one or more whitespace characters. A snippet with this option is expanded regardless of the preceding character. In other words, the snippet can ...

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