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Neovim keep html tags indented in react/jsx files

I just found an solution after a lot more searching on google. using treesiter and adding this into the treesitter config got my desired behaviour: require'nvim-treesitter.configs'.setup { indent =...
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How to have both Ultisnips and Emmet-Vim depending of the filetype

Following the suggestion of @MartinTournoij let g:UltiSnipsExpandTrigger='<C-F12>' let g:user_emmet_expandabbr_key='<C-S-F12>' function! IsEmmet(filetype) echom a:filetype if a:...
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What's the difference between coc-emmet and emmet.vim?

coc-emmet provides completion support for emmet.vim.
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Neovim keep html tags indented in react/jsx files

The reason is that the indentexpr of react file is indenting the file as a javascript (javascriptreact is merely javascript for standard vim) file and not like an html file. You could force react file ...
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