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Using the Ag plugin, how to not automatically open the first result?

It was right there, if you append a ! to the command, it'll not open the first result. I'll map :Ag to :Ag!. :Ag[!] [options] {pattern} [{directory}] *:Ag* Search ...
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Any way to prevent :Ag search from automatically opening the first returned result?

I don't have the plugin but if I'm reading the docs correctly you just need to add bang !... :Ag[!] [options] {pattern} [{directory}] *:Ag* Search recursively in ...
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How to exclude filenames from Ag search (via fzf.vim)?

To find files which contains some string, the :grep command is "for that". And I know it's quite slow. For that purpose, I have added the :Find command to my .vimrc: (From this post) command! -...
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