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From your comment (need to change ' to "), it seems you're on a Windows platform. On Windows, often the shell only accepts " as a quote character, with ' being interpreted literally. So, in effect, it's as if Vim is getting the :'vnew' command, which produces that same error you get, which you can check in Vim with: :'vnew' E16: Invalid range You ...


Nevermind, I figured it out. Bulk rename. Select a list of items, then use the change word command to enter bulk rename mode. From there you can use visual block.


There are plug-ins that can be used to show a menu of useful options and include a splash screen that you can customize when Vim or NeoVim is started without opening any files from the command line. LunarVim uses dashboard-nvim for that, and SpaceVim uses vim-startify, so you could either pick up one of these two, or search for similar plug-ins in case you'...

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