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What is the relation between vi, nvi and vim?

The roots of the family trees of vi clones seem to be: 1977: "Traditional vi", Bill Joy's original source, ported and free to use since 2002. 1985: microEmacs, from which the vi-alike "...
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vi/nvi (FreeBSD) How to make an abbreviation to a shell command?

I finally found a solution: I put this in ~/.nexrc: ab mydate ^[:r !date "+\%a \%d/\%m/\%Y"^MkJA Where: ^[ = CTRL+v+ESC and ^M = CTRL+v+ENTER Many thanks to Antony_ on Freenode channel ##vi ...
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Why is the cursor not visually positioned on the first column when it is on the first column of an indented line?

Hard tab is a single character. Eight spaces are displayed on screen but they are not a part of a buffer. Just like those trailing spaces after line ends. In Vim if you want the cursor to move through ...
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What is the correct cursor position when a } (forward paragraph motion) reaches the last line of the buffer?

POSIX has this to say on the matter (emphasis added by me): Return to Previous (Context or Section) The [[, ]], (, ), {, and } commands are all affected by "section boundaries", but in some ...
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vi/nvi (FreeBSD) How to make an abbreviation to a shell command?

You can create a mapping for it nnoremap keys :read !date...<CR> Or you can use <C-o>: iabbrev keys <C-o>:read !date...<CR> For historical (vi) compatibility, I believe one ...
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Can I undo multiple times in nvi and/or the original vi?

The closest thing the original vi has to multiple undo (aside from U which can revert multiple changes within a single line) is the numbered registers, which hold the nine most recent changes or ...
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