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Per :h FileType the FileType event doesn't do anything unless 'filetype' is set. The standard way to set that is to have this in your vimrc/init.vim: :filetype on This "enables file type detection". You don't have anything in your init.vim so that's surely why this stuff isn't working "out of the box". Your Session.vim file, which contains a bunch of ...


I am using Neovim both on Linux, Mac and Windows. For terminal Neovim, it seems that ctrl + 6 works as expected for me. On Windows, Ctrl-6 does not work. FYI, the terminal I am using for different platform: Windows: nvim-qt Linux: mintty (Connected to remote Linux server via ssh) Mac: Either iterm2, Alacritty, Kitty works. For Neovim GUI client, you can ...


justinmk (current neovim leader?) states ctrl-6 only works by accident in some terminals. The actual builtin mapping is <C-^>. There is also So it just doesn't work for neovim (nvim.exe and nvim-qt.exe) even though neovim help is ...


Popup menu in neovim-qt is controlled by GuiPopupmenu command. You should add it to you ginit.vim: GuiPopupmenu 0 PS: It is not documented that well, I've found it somewhere in github issues. You can also try look into neovim-qt shim layer to find out what else is there:

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