You can use the matchit plugin for this. It supports many languages, and seem to work great with LaTeX. It allows you to use % to jump between matching tags. To install it, you can simply add this line to your vimrc file: packadd! matchit Or instal from the repo with your favourite plugin manager.


I had exactly the same problem as yours, which annoyed me years. Now I add a trimjumplist function to vim so I can use below code and it works for me but you will have to compile vim. Hope this will help. function! TrimJumpListAndCscopeFind(action, word) if has('jumplist') if exists('*trimjumplist') let jl = getjumplist() ...


I'm not sure if this is doable in mintty, but I have a workaround for iTerm on Mac OS and the same would work for alacritty which is cross platform. In vim I have this mapping nnoremap <C-n>i <C-i> In teminal preferences I have set up ^i to send hex codes "0xe 0x69" to the shell. For alacritty you need to add this to the key mapping section ...

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