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Using an inoremap with `r`

Even though r supports lmaps and digraphs, it does not switch the Insert mode, unlike, say, R. And so your mapping won't be applied. You need to get used to typing something different, for example, s\...
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How to undo in ctrl-x mode?

I normally use i_CTRL-W and re-enter ^X-mode by i_CTRL-X i_CTRL-F. It does of course then exit the ^X-mode + if you do not have / as iskeyword, which would not be very user friendly, the approach ...
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Odd behaviour when pressing Tab with this mapping

If you don't define g:tex_flavor, it will search for keywords in your file in order to select one of the available flavors. Therefore, in small .tex files, it will guess it incorrectly as plaintex. ...
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