Define a list of all the lines you want to insert, and then insert them with either append() or setline(). You'll also need to extract the current indentation. See: :h List :h setline() :h append() :h indent() PS: half a year is almost the time we spent on validating our snippet plugins...


Use :execute to assemble a command from a string, which allows you to include the contents of a variable or return value from a function. This should work: function! WinRight() let ypos=getwinposy() execute "winpos 1241 ".ypos endfunction Or even: function! WinRight() execute "winpos 1241 ".getwinposy() endfunction


the system I am working on, its very very difficult if not impossible to get pluggins so I have to do stuff through my vimrc or other method. Basically trying to get a plugin installed could take half a year. Please note that you don't need to install plug-ins system wide and they can live completely inside your home directory (under ~/.vim more exactly. A ...

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