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Highlight double space in markdown

Another option to highlighting is to show trailing spaces with listchars :set list :set listchars=trail:␣ Then you'll get a ␣ or whatever character you use for each trailing space. This makes it easy ...
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1 vote

Any Neovim plugins for formatting Markdown text?

The VimWiki plugin support the markdown syntax on top of its own syntax. It comes with a number of mappings that help editing markdown files in particular: headings list table They are documented. ...
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1 vote

Convenient way to surround block with markdown codeblock backticks

If you use the surround.vim plugin: let b:surround_{char2nr('c')} = "```\n\r\n```" Now you can use for instance yssc or vipSc. If you want a solution without a plugin and prefer a function ...
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