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Thanks to @B Layers and @Matts answers, I've written this function which serves my purposes perfectly. I'm sharing it here for future reference, if anyone needs the same functionality. " Function to pipe output of vim command to external command. " The 'trim' argument determines whether the vim command " output will be trimmed before piping it to the ...


I'm not aware of any builtin, compact functionality that let's you filter the output of any vim command through any external command. With a little one-time scripting, though, you could get something like this... :MyFilt g/http/ | wc -l To start, put this in your vimrc... func! MyFilt(cmd) let parts = split(a:cmd, '|') let vimcmd = trim(parts[0]) ...


You can use :%s/pattern/gn The n tells it to count the g to count every occurrence.


but I don't have the option of piping the output to an external command Actually you do: echo system('wc -l', execute('g/http/')) However, note that execute() prepends a newline to the resulting string, while not appending a newline after it. Hence the result of wc -l remains the same, but it could matter under different circumstances.

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