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ctrl-x, ctrl-k spelling completion not working on Windows

I realised just after posting this that it works after I comment out this line: set dictionary+=/usr/share/dict/words I'll set it like this: " Set dictionary and regenerate spl files on ...
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How to get the command short form for custom commands?

NOTE: The following answer is in the context of neovim. Its codebase has diverged somewhat from that of vim, but the theory should also be applicable to the latter. If there is any discrepancy, feel ...
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Remap line completion to Ctrl-X

Those keys are intended to be control characters, which are some of the special keys in Vim. As you have mentioned, ^X, ^L, are meant to represent Ctrl-x and Ctrl-l respectively. * There is an ...
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Remap line completion to Ctrl-X

I was "naively" copy-pasting the remapping line, which did not properly input the keys as wanted. To properly input the mapping line in my .vimrc, I had to use the "insert control-V&...
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Show path of file from where the code autocompletion is coming from

Assuming you are using the built-in :help ins-completion, I can only think of two reasons why the name of the buffer where the suggestion comes from is not displayed: The buffer is unnamed. The ...
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Is it possible to have vim auto-complete function names, variables, etc. when using it to program?

One of my favorite features of Visual Studio Code was having an autocomplete menu pop up to help complete words that were previously written in the current file or files that I had open. The ...

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