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My mistake at line # 148 -- Setup lspconfig. 148 require('lspconfig')[tsserver].setup { 149 capabilities = require('cmp_nvim_lsp').update_capabilities(vim.lsp.protocol.make_client_capabilities()) 150 } This should be: require('lspconfig')['tsserver'].setup { I didn't know the string tsserver was supposed to be a string litteral.


These are some workaround: <space><backspace>. Works (space is guaranteed to exit the completion mode), but doesn't seem very nice. <left><right>. Should work, as long as the expansion does not expand to nothing. <c-g><c-g>. This is no-op by now, but I think the behavior is not documented. The above, and map <c-g>&...


Not exactly what OP asked but... maybe someone will find this useful. There are countless plugins (commonly referred as "pickers") that allow user to pick an item from (vertical) popup menu and to execute some arbitrary command afterwards (vim-clap, nvim-telescope, you name it). Probably many of us also tried to create "fast buffer switch"...


Thank you for posting this question. The same thing is bothering me as well. At first, I thought there was a new plugin - wilder, but it appears (to me) that the vertical-nature is not given. I did not try to install the python dependencies. Nonetheless, I am recommending to try the following pair of options: set nowildmenu set wildmode=list:full This is ...

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