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One way is to write a custom completer: function ShellCmd(findstart, base) abort if a:findstart " ... some logic here to find the start of a word " ... example near `:help E839` else return split($PATH, ':') \ ->map({_,v -> glob(v.'/*', v:true, v:true, v:true)}) \ ->flatten() \ ->map({_,v -&...


You can use a user defined complete function to implement this kind of custom completion. See :help complete-function for how to write such a function. For example, the function below will use the beginning of the current line as the pattern to search, and will try to match it as a substring, on all the other lines in the same buffer: function! CompleteLine(...


The 'completeopt' option only applies to Insert mode completion, which is not really the case when you're completing an Ex command on the Vim command-line. The completion menu on the Vim command-line is enabled by 'wildmenu' and controlled with the 'wildmode' option. But the 'wildmode' option doesn't support any setting that will display the completion menu ...


I found this FZF plugin that adds a GBranches command to browse your repo.

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