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How can I copy text to the system clipboard from Vim?

Is there a way to copy a block of text to the system clipboard, so I can paste it in another program?
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How do I reload the current file?

Quite often I am working with files that are version controlled, so it is possible for changes to be made to them outside of Vim. What is a quick way to reload the file without having to close and ...
307 votes
10 answers

What are the differences between the Vim plugin managers?

I have been looking at the different package managers for Vim, and the one I decided to use is vim-plug. However, I have seen others like pathogen and vundle, and I honestly don't know what the ...
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13 answers

How can I see the full path of the current file?

When I'm editing a file in Vim, is there a command to see the path of the current file? Sometimes this is very handy if there are multiple files with the same name in a project.
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220 votes
6 answers

Why doesn't the backspace key work in insert mode?

Trying to delete characters in insert mode with the backspace key sometimes doesn't seem to work. I can backspace sometimes, but at other times it does nothing; the cursor doesn't go to the left, and ...
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6 answers

How do I change the current split's width and height?

I am working on split (using ^w+v, ^w+s) buffers, but sometimes I would like to widen a current split or change its height. How can I achieve that?
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203 votes
9 answers

Displaying tabs as characters

When I work on files in python, I sometimes mistake tabs for spaces and vice versa. Is there a way I can get Vim to display a character for a tab instead of a tab?
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200 votes
6 answers

What's the simplest way to strip trailing whitespace from all lines in a file?

It's pretty common when programming or opening text files to encounter files with trailing whitespace at the end of a line. vim has a way to show this by setting the trail option in the listchars ...
193 votes
11 answers

How do I use Vim as a diff tool?

I use Vim as my primary editor. I would also like to use vim to diff files and modify the files while doing the diff to fix easy changes (rather than most diff techniques which are a cycle of diff, ...
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6 answers

What is Neovim, and how is it different from Vim?

I've been hearing about Neovim; how does it differ from Vim? All the points on the homepage are just architectural changes 'under the hood'. As a user, what's the difference for me?
190 votes
9 answers

Does Ex mode have any practical use?

Vim has an Ex mode that can be entered by entering Q, and a command line mode that can be entered with q:. A common complaint amongst new vim users is that they enter these modes accidentally when ...
164 votes
2 answers

How can I use Vim as a hex editor? [duplicate]

Is there a neat way I can view binary files as hex in Vim, and save it back to binary from the hex?
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4 answers

What is the Vim8 package feature and how should I use it?

Vim 8 was released today and the release notes mentions a new "package" feature. What is it and how should I use it? Most importantly, does it replace the good old plugin managers?
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142 votes
7 answers

How do I install a plugin in Vim/vi?

How do I install a plugin in Vim? Does it matter: Whether I use vi or Vim? Whether I use gVim? Which version of Vim I'm using? What my OS is?
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136 votes
17 answers

Other ways to exit Insert mode besides Escape

The primary reason I like vim over emacs is that my hand movement distance away from the home row is very low (even as a programmer). However, the one main time that I do this is leaving insert mode, ...
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132 votes
5 answers

How to replace tabs with spaces?

Is it possible to convert tabs to spaces, while maintaining text alignment? Simply replacing only works usefully when there are no leading characters.
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13 answers

Exit from Terminal mode in Neovim/Vim 8

I can't figure out how to go back to Normal mode after entering Terminal in Insert mode... Escape just doesn't seem to work. Any idea?
130 votes
3 answers

How do I navigate to topics in Vim's documentation?

In Vim's built-in help system, how do I… search for topics that I want help on? follow hyperlinks? browse around for related material?
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127 votes
6 answers

How do I jump to the location of my last edit?

I often make changes to the middle of a big file, use gg to jump to the top to check something, and then realize I forgot to set a mark where I was editing. Is there a built-in way to jump to the ...
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7 answers

How can I easily move a line?

What is the command (or shortcut) to move a line up or down in vim? My current workflow is to yank (copy) the line and than delete that line and than to put (paste) that line.
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121 votes
4 answers

Is it possible to split Vim window to view multiple files at once?

When working with multiple files, it would be very handy if we can see more than one file in the screen at once. Is there any way in Vim to split the window (horizontally or vertically) so each split ...
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116 votes
16 answers

How do I delete a large block of text without counting the lines?

In vim, I often need to delete, or yank/put large blocks of text. I can count the lines of text and enter something like 50dd to delete 50 lines. But that's a bit of a pain. How can I delete this ...
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115 votes
7 answers

Is there a way to count the number of occurrences of a word in a file?

Is it possible to count how many times a word or a pattern appears in a file? This is sometimes useful to find out how many times a function has been called, etc.
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113 votes
10 answers

How to format JSON file in Vim

Given a file with a large JSON object all on one line like {"versions":[{"count":2,"version":""},{"count":1,"version":"1.1.1"},{&...
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111 votes
5 answers

How to edit binary files with Vim?

Is there a way to edit binary files in some kind of hexadecimal mode? For example if I have some binary data shown by xxd or hexdump -C like this: $ hexdump -C a.bin | head -n 5 00000000 cf fa ed ...
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110 votes
6 answers

How to share config between vim and Neovim

I started using neovim and moved my .vimrc to .config/nvim/init.vim and other stuff is located in .local/share/nvim. What is the best way to share configs or even plugins between vim and Neovim? ...
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110 votes
5 answers

How to join lines without producing a space?

The standard J command for joining lines replaces the newline character(s) with a space. It's useful when editing 'literature' but can be troublesome if I, say, edit a hex dump by hand if I forget to ...
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108 votes
8 answers

How do I debug my vimrc file?

I have a problem in Vim, and I think it may be in my vimrc file (or have been told it could be my vimrc file). How do I verify this? If it is my vimrc file, how do I know where exactly the problem ...
108 votes
9 answers

What is the command for "Select All" in Vim and VsVim?

How do I select all the content of a file in Vim and VsVim? Like in other editors Ctrl-A does the job for select all.
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107 votes
1 answer

How to debug a mapping?

I see a lot of questions on here where a user has a mapping which doesn't work and most of the time the reasons are pretty similar. I suggest to make this question a reference for this kind of ...
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103 votes
2 answers

What is the purpose of swap files?

When I edit files, Vim tends to create files named .filename.swp, which I find annoying. From vim -h, I see that the -n option suppresses the creation of swap files. Is there a vimrc directive that ...
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100 votes
10 answers

How can I clear word highlighting in the current document (e.g. such as after searching for a word)?

When you search for a word in a file with something like /console.log, all of the instances of console.log are highlighted. When you're no longer interested in these, the highlighting can be ...
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98 votes
4 answers

How can I show relative line numbers?

A lot of vim commands can take a number referring to the number of lines that the command will act on. Is it possible to show the line numbers relative to the current line? Something like the ...
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97 votes
2 answers

Close and unload a buffer without exiting Vim

Often, I'll load some information into a temporary buffer, and then close it with :clo!. But this hides the buffer rather than unloading it entirely, even though I have nohidden set. I find this ...
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97 votes
4 answers

List known filetypes

How can I get a list of the names of filetypes that vim currently knows about? I want to be able to do this so that when vim doesn't automatically detect a filetype I can try some of the filetypes ...
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95 votes
4 answers

How can I yank (copy) the single character on which the cursor rests?

I know many ways to copy things: yiw = yank in current word yaw = yank all word (includes a trailing space) yy = yank the current line 3yy = yank three lines starting at the current one yap = yank ...
95 votes
2 answers

How can I find out what <Leader> is set to? And is it possible to remap <Leader>?

How can I figure out which key is set as my <Leader>, and how do I remap it?
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92 votes
9 answers

How to execute shell commands silently?

:!<command> can be used to execute a command in the shell. But this "takes over" my terminal and fills it with stdout of that particular command. How do I execute a command in the background ...
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90 votes
3 answers

Open filename under cursor like gf, but in a new tab (or split)?

The normal mode command gf go to a file with the path the cursor currently is at. But it does so in the current window, replacing the current text. That means you need to navigate back explicitly ...
86 votes
6 answers

Is there an easy way to close a scratch buffer/preview window?

One of the plugins I have installed (probably Supertab) provides a nice view of documentation for the currently highlighted item in the completion menu: The (apparently) scratch buffer remains open ...
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85 votes
4 answers

How do I fix the status bar symbols in the Airline plugin?

I installed the Airline plugin in order to have a custom status bar, as seen in the figure below: However, my status bar is presenting the symbols <, >> and <. How do I fix this problem?
83 votes
6 answers

Vim search replace all files in current (project) folder

One of the open questions I have about Vim is if there is a way to perform a search/replace in the current project (bear with me if I use this notion inherited from other editors). For instance, let'...
81 votes
6 answers

How can I set up a ruler at a specific column?

When coding in different languages, I tend to need to restrict my lines to a specific length (usually 79 or 80 characters). I've seen this done in other editors through the use of a ruler (solid line ...
78 votes
8 answers

Fastest way to switch to a buffer in Vim?

One way to select a buffer in Vim could be to browse the buffers list, using standard commands as :ls, or with some external plugin / vimscript code to browse a list in a window. Let's say I want to ...
77 votes
1 answer

How to open multiple files in split mode?

I know how to split windows in vim, but it's possible to open multiple files using vim in split mode (at startup) from the command line? In example: vim file1 file2 file3 or: vim *.cpp
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76 votes
8 answers

How to map Alt key?

I'm trying to map Alt key in the following way: :map <A-j> j :map <A-k> k but it doesn't work (bell is rang on Alt + j/Alt + k). What am I missing? I'm using Terminal on OSX, the same ...
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75 votes
12 answers

How to find and replace in Vim without having to type the original word?

I'd like to optimize my "find and replace" workflow in Vim. It's something I do often, as I'm sure most of you do too. Usually something along the lines of -- copy a block and change the name of a ...
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75 votes
9 answers

How can I change the font size in gVim?

Is there a way to change the size of the font in gVim, using native commands? And if not, what script can be used to do it quickly?
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74 votes
4 answers

How to save window, split, and buffer layout?

I have several tasks I am working on in one repository. I would like to create "workspaces" for working on them. One "workspace" or "buffer layout" would have all files I need to work on open in the ...
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73 votes
7 answers

Swap the position of two windows

Say the following is the current structure of my window: +-----+---------------------------- | | | A | | | +-----+ | | | B | The order of A and B is not quite natural. It would be ...
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