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`xxd` is an external program that ships with Vim for converting text files and binary files.

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Encoding issue with filename in MacVim

Question In MacVim I type :tabe jäderberg.txt to open a buffer for that file. The file does not yet exist. My status line displays the file name jäderberg.txt. I do i<C-r>% to put the file name ...
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Convert a binary dump back to text in vi?

Select text in vim and convert it to a hex dump... :'<,'>!xxd (Note 2 hex characters represent a single whatever encoding I did this in...) Select a hex dump in vim and convert it ...
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Using xxd in Windows

I installed gvim82 to specifically use the xxd command in windows. I ran the :!xxd -i command followed by file_name.txt > header_file_name.h in the windows command prompt but nothing happens, not ...
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