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WSL is the Windows Subsystem for Linux; a compatibility layer which allows running Linux binaries in Microsoft Windows

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Using the WSL terminal with Neovim

I have Neovim installed on Windows. I use WSL for running Python and C code. So I'd like to map a key to get Neovim to run a shell command in WSL directly from the Neovim editor. But I seem to be ...
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Why am I seeing this character in Neovim?'

I copy pasted init.lua from Neovim kickstarter. Now while writing c++ code I am getting the below '?' character inside a box in Neovim I am using Neovim in Ubuntu subsystem windows 10. I think some ...
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Text shifts one character to the left when moving upwards

When I move the cursor upwards, the whole line (including the number) shifts one character to the left. The GIF explains it the best. I'm using Neovim installed in Windows but opened through WSL ...
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Yank to host clipboard when using nvim from Docker (WIndows)

NVIM v0.9.1 Windows10 I'm using neovim in Docker Desktop. Usually, when I use nvim in WSL2, I can yank / paste via "+y / "+p. But if neovim in Docker Desktop doesn't support the same ...
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NeoVim: Following the instructions in ":h clipboard-wsl" not work? It shows "no provider" but also "ok" in ":checkhealth"?

I am using neovim on archlinux/WSL2, and try to communicate with the Windows clipboard in neovim. Following the instructions in :h clipboard-wsl, I filled in init.lua with code: vim.g.clipboard = { ...
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Unable to connect to a client server

Description Vim does not connect to a clientserver, which causes issues using VimTex and zathura. Upon opening any file in an Ubuntu terminal, the following error is displayed: Error detected while ...
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Nvim on WSL: escaping space in g:clipboard.paste['*']?

According to :h clipboard-wsl in neovim, For Windows WSL, try this g:clipboard definition: let g:clipboard = { \ 'name': 'WslClipboard', \ 'copy': { \ '+': 'clip.exe', \ ...
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Why is my Vim build failing on WSL?

I'm running Ubuntu 20.04.4 under WSL2 on Windows 11. I've cloned in the environment. (The latest commit is tagged as v9.0.0260.) When I go to the directory and do this .....
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Building gvim inside WSL 2 Ubuntu

Details of what already exists inside WSL 2 Ubuntu 20.04 inside Microsot Windows 11: $ vi --version VIM - Vi IMproved 8.1 (2018 May 18, compiled Feb 01 2022 09:16:32) Included patches: 1-2269, 3612, ...
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Cursor get stuck at the statusline bar when saving a .tex file (probably due to vimtex)

To preface this, I'm relatively new to vim, and I'm using Windows Subsytsem for Linux, and the Windows Terminal if this makes any difference. So whenever I'm editing a .tex file and want to save, ...
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Creating vimrc kills my plugin

I have the following ~/.vim/filetype.vim: augroup filetypedetect au BufRead,BufNewFile *?Script.sml let maplocalleader = "h" | source /home/gergely/HOL/tools/vim/hol.vim " recognise ...
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VIM + VDebug in WSL2 while having WAMP and XDebug on Windows

Whenever I need to write something I use VIM. However most of my work requires that I use Windows OS. I have WAMP server running and I used to edit PHP files just in VIM in WSL2. I then thought why ...
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Windows Vim overwrites WSL file mode

I'm using gVim on Windows to edit files in WSL2 Ubuntu via the \\wsl$ mapping. When I :write in Vim, it overwrites the linux file mode/permissions with 644/-rw-r--r--, no matter what the mode was to ...
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Neovim freezes when opening a folder in WSL2

When I open neovim with to show a folder it completely freezes. When opening a folder from the command line: nvim . I see a completely black screen When having a file open, navigating to parent ...
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<ESC> does not exit command-line mode. Neovim on tmux on WSL

nvim is not exiting command-line mode when the ESC key is hit. E.g., the key sequence :ff<ESC>ff gives :ffff at the command-line prompt. The expected behavior is that the first :ff be discarded ...
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Cannot find the viminfo file to fix the E575 error Windows 10 WSL

I have been using Vim/vi for a while but my computer ran out of space while writing a file and then this error appeared and continues to whenever I open or exit vi. E575: viminfo: Illegal starting ...
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Vim on WSL: synchronize system clipboard? (set clipboard^=unnamed)?

While using WSL/Bash for Windows I want to be able to use y yy 3y and p the same way they always work in vim, but connecting to the system clipboard shared by all apps, not to vim's internal clipboard....
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