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2 answers

Vertically center the cursor on soft-wrapped lines

When writing LaTeX, I try to stick to one sentence per line to make my text work well with diffs, as is commonly accepted practice. Because I have to use a very large font size, nearly every sentence ...
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1 answer

Can you prevent then screen jumping when toggling the wrap option?

When I enable the wrap option, the first line of the viewport remains fixed and the lines below it are all shunted down as they are wrapped. This means the cursor line jumps down too, which is ...
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1 answer

In nowrap mode, is it possible to add a ">" sign to signal there's text rightward that hasn't been displayed?

So currently I'm disabling wrap in my vim, but I remember in vim when wrap is disabled and the line is too long to display, it would add a ">" at the end of the line so you know the line ...
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have text longer than a vim windows displayed on several lines

I'm trying to have text longer than a vim windows displayed on several lines. For this, I tried to follow the advice of this blog by entering set wrap in the .vimrc file but nothing changes and the ...
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Wrap specific lines in buffer

is it possible to set nowrap to a line range in the active buffer and set wrap to everything else? I edit LaTeX files. I want to see everything after \begin{document}. but only see the general ...
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Escape newlines when breaking text

I'm using Vim to typeset some Latex documents, and resizing it to take up half my screen so I can reference other materials on the other half. Therefore, formatoptions+=t would be very helpful here. ...
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Break visual line without hard breaking line

Is it possible to break visual line without breaking line? For example: Some text blah blah "insert visual break" "cursor now here" keep writing. But both these sentences is one wrapped line. ...
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Fast moving with long lines when using set wrap

Suppose I have a wrapped line like this with the cursor positioned just before the AND (&). Is there an option to move the cursor just before the OR (|) pressing the <Down> key ? This ...
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