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How to change the root directory of vim?

My vim is installed in D:\Vim\vim82, but somehow $VIM points to the directory D:\Vim\vim82\vim.exe\vim82. Therefore when I startup vim all the features that need to access folders in the root ...
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`:bro w` initially opens wrong directory in 8.1.1

I just upgraded Vim to 8.1.1, and the behavior of :bro w seems changed: it occasionally (!?) does not open the pwd for browsing. (I checked :pwd.) This in on Win 10. Does something other than the ...
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Difference between 1 CTRL-G and :pwd, quotation marks?

The commands 1 CTRL-G and :pwd return related but different results: 1 CTRL-G "~/dev/src/tiff.c" 170 lines --15%-- :pwd /home/user/src Of course, CTRL-G returns the file, not the working ...
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Wrong working directory after opening file

I currently have the problem that when I open a file, I always have a certain working directory. This is a problem, because Vim doesn't find tags files anymore. I have not set anything like this in ....
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