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Questions tagged [word-processing]

Questions about editing prose (sentences and paragraphs)

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vipJ unwrapping fails when using custom function

I have decided to use Vim for editing prose, as I find it to be a much more work-conducive, clutter-free environment than most so-called text processors expressly built for that purpose. To that end, ...
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Measurement/ tracking the time for editing a file (overall and statistics)

I use vim for coding and also for writing scientific articles and book chapters. It would be very interesting to know the time I spent on a file. For example how many hours or minutes the buffer was ...
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Stenography (Plover) integration

I use Vim for academic writing and my preferred writing method is using stenography with Plover. Is there any initiative to integrate Stenography/Plover into Vim? Currently, I am switching keyboards ...
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