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Questions reporting to the Eclipse vrapper plugin that emulates Vim in Eclipse

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Integration between vrapper (Eclipse) and nvim-qt

I use Vrapper, which is a great plugin, providing some vim emulation to Eclipse. One of the features of Vrapper is that from anywhere you can type :vim and it will reopen the file you are currently ...
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How can I make two substitution command in one line

Giving these 2 substitution commands in vim: %s/}$/\r}\r/g %s/^\s*([a-zA-Z\#\.\:\s\(\)-\[\]'=]*)\s*\{/$1 \{/g I have 2 questions: How can I join 2 substitution commands in a one line command ? Is ...
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Integration (or emulation) of Vim with NetBeans or Eclipse

Notice: I hope this question fits our site, I'm open to any comments. I've been a Vim user for 15 years now, always as an editor on its own, with some IDE functionalities such as autocompletion among ...
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