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Questions tagged [visual-block]

Visual block mode enables users to copy and paste rectangular text. This mode is useful whenever a particular text is pasted to be pasted in every part of a rectangular text.

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Bulk file rename in Vim Visual Block Mode

I am using VIM Renamer plugin to bulk rename files, I want to replace E008_r5_Haz_Area_Class NAT GAS.pdf E009_r4_Haz_Area_Class.pdf E010_r4_Haz_Area_Class MP STEAM.pdf E011_r3_Haz_Area_Class.pdf ...
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Swap characters, vertically

Is there a handy way to do this? My input: # A # - B Desired output: # - A # B My current solution is xjphxkP, which seems like a lot of keystrokes. I realize I could record a macro, but it ...
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Yanking a visual block with word wrap enabled is shifted

Say I have a file with the following contents (on a single line): Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Sed augue ligula, venenatis et orci non, convallis congue nunc. Nam eleifend ...
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Replace every character on a visual selection with a register's character

I'll try to illustrate as clear as I can. Suppose I have the following text open in vim/nvim _________ | | | 9999 | | | --------- If select 9999 visually and then hit r8, this ...
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How can I highlight in visual block mode all text between two delimiters over multiple lines?

I have a tab-separated spreadsheet and I'd like to highlight in visual block mode by selecting a character, expanding the visual highlight region to the whole entry between the two tab characters, ...
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How to selectively append to end of line using visual block mode?

I am trying to use visual block mode to append a , to the end of root_dir, where [] is the cursor. lspconfig.html.setup{ root_dir = root_di[r] } lspconfig.cssls.setup{ root_dir = root_dir } I ...
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Blockwise pasting from "+ register not working

UPDATE: I run an X server (XQuartz 2.7.11) on MacOS, which I forward via ssh to any Linux machine I use. The problem seems to be that under XQuartz, the "+ register does not support blockwise yanking/...
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